Gan356 Air SM

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Performance with excellent speed

Splendid Corner-Cutting, turning in a blink

GAN356 Air SM : Superspeed Magneto is the 2017 flagship product from GAN


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  • The powerful performance of GAN356 Air SM was testified by the 5.97s World-Record from Feliks, in June, 2017

  • Magnets in AirSM will not drop, and their positions will be more precise with the Magnets-Snap-On design.

  • There are 48 magnets in total in the GAN356 AirSM. The whole cube weighs only 76 grams, which is almost the same as the Air and AirUM

  • The innovative world-first honeycomb contact surface is designed to make lube equally spread on the contact surface, resulting in a very smooth and stable handfeel, and a longer life-span of the lube.

  • The AirSM is more stable and better-performing, even a new cuber can easily use this cube.


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